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Free Speech and Social Media

I remember my first day at WNEP.  A co-worker asked me if I took care of my neighbors crappy loud music.   How did he even know about my neighbors poor choice in music?

He looked me up on social.  My privacy settings changed the second I got home.

That was in 2012.  You would think people would know by now that employers, exes, and even colleges are tracking what we do on social media.

Some newly accepted Harvard students found that out the hard way.  The lost their spot at the prestigious school.

The Story

Harvard University recently rescinded on the admissions offers for 10 students.  A group exchange of racist and sexually offensive Facebook messages, according  to the Harvard Crimson student newspaper.

Like other colleges, Harvard has a policy of revoking admissions offers if an applicant does not graduate high school, has plunging grades in their last semester, is found to have lied on their application or engages in other morally questionable behavior. This can include online speech

Some are arguing that the students think things on the internet go away.  Well, it doesn’t. Also, this has nothing to do with Free Speech.  Free speech means you won’t be punished by the government.  It does not mean you can say whatever you want and keep your job or admission to a University.  There are still consequences for those actions.  Guess what, Freedom of Speech hasn’t changed in over 200 years.  We can’t really play the clueless card anymore.

Final Thoughts

  • Nothing ever disappears on the internet.  EVER
  • Deleting does not make things go away
  • You can lose a  job/school admission for what you say and do online
  • Read the First Amendment and make sure you understand it



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