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Getting Social With Gen Z

Ready to feel old?

The Story

Generation Z is made up of those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s.  They have more than $44 billion in annual purchasing power, according to a study from IBM and the National Retail Federation.  They have also been brought up almost entirely in the digital world.  So how do you reach these “kids” and their $$$?  You get in tune with their social media habits.

So what are kids these days into when they grab their digital device? Let’s take a look at a recent list compiled by AdWeek that includes the list of platforms Gen Z loves to use.



Ok, I’m not TOO old, I have heard of at least two of these platforms.  That means there are two I had no earthly idea about until reading this article.  Now, I’m not going to go into detail about each platform.  You can read the article.  What’s important is, if you run a business, and like me, are not familiar with these platforms, you are in trouble.  Staying on top of the social media an digital trends is essential to any company, especially one with a Gen Z target market.  Something for us Gen Xer’s to think about…

These platforms have millions of users, per day.  Clearly this blog isn’t for those who are sitting there saying “Yea, we know”.  It’s for those who still haven’t had that “ah-ha” moment and realized the power of social media.  It’s for those who run businesses, yet refuse to get a Facebook page or some other form of social media.  It’s for those who have not realized that their next customer base are people born completely in the digital age.

So who are the Gen Z’s listening to? Here are their pictures.  If you don’t know them, you might want to do a little research.  These are some of the faces of the people who can help you get the Gen Z customer.  Yes, they are (probably) much younger than you. No, you (probably) don’t know who half of them are.  No, this list is not complete.  Do some leg work, find the influencer that’s right for your company or brand.




Final Thoughts

Do I expect someone to know every platform? No.  You can, however, hire some highly intelligent graduates from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University to help you.  My point is, if you want your company to grow you need to embrace social.  Be progressive, be an early adapter.  If you are still behind the eight ball on this whole social media thing, find the people who do understand it and put them to work for your brand.



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