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My Favorite Blog: Mashable


mashmenu I love technology, so it should come as no surprise that I follow Mashable.  Its name says it all, if you look at the site, you can see it is a mashing of the latest in tech news.   Tech isn’t the only think Mashable covers.  In fact, if you look at their menu, you will see listings for entertainment and my personal favorite: watercooler.  It’s a one-stop shop for me.

On the homepage, stories are categorized into “What’s New”, “What’s Rising” and “What’s Hot.”  As I look through the page now, I see a variety of fun and informative posts about topics ranging from same-sex marriage, tigers destroying a drone to Girl Scout cookie donuts.  Stories that really keep a reader in the know and amused.


I do see a lot of clutter.  I have the ads that are popping up all over the page.  Apparently Vista Print really wants me to order those bookplates I was working on, and Beachbody is trying to convince me to buy the super expensive Shakeology that I was debating (still debating).


Overall, I like knowing that I can find the useful and unique news and stories that I am looking for all in one, mashed up, place.


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