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Deep Thoughts About Digital Communications  & Technology 

Here I sit in my hubby’s truck writing this post.  I am constantly amazed at how much digital communications is ingrained in our lives.  From blogging on the go to banking, GPS, Siri, online graduate school, smartphones, tablets, ebooks, tracking implants for animals… you get my point.  It’s everywhere.  I personally love it.  I wonder, however, if someday I will fall into the digital divide.  I imaging it like the Earth opening up and me falling into it like in the movies.  I say this because as I get older I am becoming more selective about which digital technologies I use.  One thing I have become very aware of this semester is the digital divide.  I realize so many people are missing out on information and resources because of their lack of access to digital technology.  I’m not talking about the latest smartphone.  I am talking about not having access to a basic computer and Internet.  If we want to grow digitally in this world, we need to make sure we are not forgetting about those who don’t have the access. 

Despite the issues, I am excited for what’s next… the next big thing… the next digital breakthrough.  I just hope as time goes on, I can understand how to use the technology.

The semester is coming to a close, but I will likely continue this blog.  Mostly because my fascination with digital technology has grown over the past few months has grown.  This is probably bad news for the hubby.  New digital technology = $$$$ gadgets and such.  


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