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The Digital World, A Dream Come True for PR and Advertising.

As someone who has worked in Public Relations, I am glad I am doing it in the digital age.  It’s so incredibly easy to connect and influence your audience.  The same goes for advertising.  It’s so easy to spread the word about whatever it is you are selling.

If I want to get the message out about an event, all I have to do is turn to social media.  I can create events, post pictures with eye-catching captions and respond to the public.  The audience is also more connected because they are getting up to date information, assuming that I am keeping up with my social media responsibilities.  It’s just that, a responsibility.  You have to put time and energy into using digital technology.  Take this blog for example.  I have to sit here and write it then post it to social media.  Imagine if I were doing PR for a big company or client.  There could be weekly blogs, schedules for social media posts and time used to respond to feedback from your given audience.

The fact that PR and Advertising pro can use email, social media, smartphones etc to do there work, opens limitless opportunities.  Opportunities to reach a broader based audience, word of mouth spreading faster on social media (which could be bad, I suppose, if there is something bad being said).  Think about it, when you like something on social media and share… your friends see it, like a personal endorsement from you.  They then like and share… “and she told two friends, and she told two friends…”.  The message gets spread quickly and you never know who it will reach, and if you are in PR or Advertising, that’s a pretty cool thing.

There is a bit of a downfall to all of this digital tech.  Many companies are still behind in jumping on the digital train.  They do not realize the mass benefits or the mass amount of work it takes to keep up with.  Knowing and understanding how to use digital technology is demanding.  It’s like you need to go to grad school to attempt to master its concepts.  I don’t feel like this will be a downfall forever, though.


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